Monday, 8 April 2013

A New Blog

My fist post on a fresh new blog... I suppose it should just be a bit of a summary about what I plan to be talking about and who I am and who might be interested in reading it!

I'm not going to state tings in order of importance because I'm a list maker, and if I started doing that I'd be making a lot more work for myself than necessary. So 'in no particular order' (as they say on TV reality shows, here goes:

  • I like to make lists.  They make me feel safe and cosy and 'in control'.
  • I like to 'quote' a few 'words' in some sentences. I feel like it make me look like I have a sense of humor, even if no one gets the jokes.
  • I switch back and forth between the Canadian and American spelling of some words like color and humour so that everyone can feel included in my writing.
  • I'm Canadian, born in Montreal Canada on the English-mother tongue side of the tracks
  • I've recently started a blog... you should check it out ;-)
  • I have a few health problems.... they'd kind of require their own list.... but I reckon that they'll come up from time to time so we'll get to that later.
  • I lived in London, England for four years in my early 20's. (what fun!) It's the explanation for why I sometimes use words like 'reckon'.
  • I like cooking... I'm not too bad at it.
  • I'm working on a 3D short film (and have been for the past 4 years)
  • I'm Sera's mom. (she's 2!) I named the blog after her.
  • I'm Fabri's wife (he's not 2 but I like him anyhow)
  • I get carried away with crafting projects quite frequently
  • I've recently started meditating and I have been know to dabble with alternative medicine and healing, but not at all in a new-age kind of way
  • I like to travel
  • I like to eat
  • I like good wine
  • I like to state the obvious.... is there anyone who doesn't like to travel, eat and drink good wine?
  • I live in a loft in an ex-industrial factory in Milan Italy
  • I have no idea what tomorrow brings
I'm sure there's a lot more, this is just a taste, but if I were to reveal all of my secrets in my first post what fun would that be?

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