Tuesday, 23 April 2013

big girl bed

We're starting to think about transferring Sera to a big girl end and as I write this she is having her first nap in on the mattress I've set up on the floor for her. She didn't take any longer than normal to fall asleep but the real test will be when she wakes up.

The truth is its been almost a year now that she's been able to climb out of her crib by herself so really we should have done something a while ago, but instead I lowered her mattress in the crib all the way to the floor. This wouldn't have been possible with a regular crib but we were lucky that a neighbour had lent us her Stokke Sleepi oval shaped one and so all I had to do was remove all of the hardware... But it does mean our daughter effectively sleeps in a cage.

We haven't wanted to make the switch because its convenient to keep her in a crib. It means she has to call out for us at night instead of just walking through the door and hoping into our bed. I'm worried that when we take it from naps to full-nights I won't be able to convince her as easily that the mattress is the best place to sleep. In the crib she didn't really have a choice.

I opted for a mattress on the floor firstly to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to her thumping off the bed and second,y because we don't actually have the space requirement for the toddler or single bed until she's out of diapers. The space I need is still taken up with the changing table. Maybe I'll get a cute toddler bed this summer when we move onto panties!

But looking ahead and hoping that she won't always be on a mattress on the floor I love some of these ideas and styles:
how adorable is this?? http://www.klevering.com

another amazing loftbed for an odd-shaped room

free DIY plans for this loft bed at http://ana-white.com/

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