Saturday, 4 May 2013

light & easy mint and garlic meatballs

I had a helper for peeling the garlic
 Here's what you'll need:

500g minced beef
large bunch of fresh mint (stems removed)
2 cloves of garlic
1 egg
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
large pinch of sea salt
30g of Parmesan cheese (the real kind really is much better than the powder... for all of you not living in Italy)
ground black pepper to taste
1/2 cup of breadcrumbs
splash of milk


Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Blend all the ingredients together in a food processor.

Form little meatballs or meat logs and place them on a oven-paper covered cookie sheet.  The smaller the forms you make the faster they will cook.

Pop it in the oven for 15-20 minutes... turning once halfway

Slice and serve - here I've paired it with a garden-fresh salad and boiled seasoned potatoes.

Buon Appetito!

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