Thursday, 9 May 2013

well dressed for 30 days challenge - part 2

This is part 2 of the Well Dressed for 30 Days Challenge in which I'm forcing myself to see if I can wear all the dresses in my wardrobe that I don't normaly wear, without compromise, for 30 days. To see part one please click here.

Day 3

tartan black and wine dress: Oasis
jacket: H&M
leggings: Woolrich
shoes: Freemood

Day 4

black lacey cardigan: H&M

Day 5

aqua cropped cardigan: H&M

Day 6

camel knit minidress: Stradivarius
sweatshirt: side stance PSC Japan
brown knee-high boots: Nadine

Day 7

dress: Mango
cardigan: Boggi
shoes: Conbipel

Observations days3-7:

-I officially hate tights (I tried wearing a pair on day 4 and ended up changing to the leggings 10 seconds before I left the house)

-the challenge is forcing me to really 'plan out' what to wear the night before which makes mornings smoother and faster.

-on day 7 I am a bit depressed I ahve to wear heels again but then when I put them on and look in the mirror I feel ok about it.

-if you're wearing a dress and rainboots the rain isn't so much of a problem as when your trousers are dragging along a muddy parkinglot

-it's hard to fit in a photo-shoot everyday

-I miss jeans


  1. Your outfits are all lovely. I especially like the first one. Good for you for wearing them - a shame to waste away in the closet. I take it you work from home? If so this really is an impressive challenge :)

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! I do work from home and it is quite a challenge to get dressed in the morning but I seem to have been more productive these last few days as well... is it a coincidence?