Friday, 28 June 2013

well dressed for 30 days challange finale!

This past may I started a challenge to wear a dress for every day of the month instead of my usual uniform of jeans and a t-shirt. Unfortunately, it took me over a month to get around to finishing working on all of the photos from that challenge.  But finally, here they are!

I learnt a lot about my wardrobe during this challenge. Yes, I can look nice in dresses but I think that for me they are somewhat more of a special occasion garment, to be worn in contrast to my everyday items. I'm just not as comfortable in a dress than in trousers, but it is fun to get dressed up once in a while.  I do have some new favourites, especially the maxi dresses, but there are a few that I'm thinking of tailoring as well.

It's nice to give yourself challenges like this every once in a while cause you get to know yourself too. Instead of just getting up in the morning and following a regular habit I was forced to think about what I was wearing and how it made me feel. That's all part of mindfulness as well and I think I've learnt a little bit more about myself...

Especially about procrastinating on getting this post out!!  If you'd like to leave a comment, let me know what your favourite dress/day was so I can make sure to wear that outfit again sometime!  Also, make sure to tell me if you see an outfit that's horrendous!

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  1. Bravissima! E te lo dico con un po' di invidia e tanta ammirazione: mettere la gonna รจ veramente un impegno per noi mamme! IO adoro DAY1 e DAY6!