Friday, 12 July 2013

& Other Stories

I dont normally gush about a shop. In fact I often rather dislike shopping and hardly ever manage to go into the centre. Between the congestion charge and the parking it's an investment even to think about venturing into the cerchia die bastoni. On Wednesday however, I let Sera play hooky from nursery on the occasion of my mom being in Milan for a visit and we went into town.

I'm thrilled we did as I found my new favourite shop! & Other Stories only opened this past April and today was the first time I stepped inside, though I'm kicking myself that I didn't line up in the queue for the launch 3 months ago!

Spread over four floors of prime space in the heart of Milan's shopping district (the part at least for people like me who can't afford designers brands) on Corso vittorio Emmanuele, the store has a perfect layout and keeps you circulating over and over again. I was a little overwhelmed at first because I didn't expect the overload of things that I like... Jewellery, bags and gorgeous shoes just as you walk in the door.

On the first floor the elevator opened up onto rows of beauty counters with items of all colours in lovely packaging. I couldn't resist and picked up a gloss in Lemister Peach Lame (on sale @ 50% - €4.50), and a lipstick in Raynes Salmon (€15 euros regular price as its from the new colours).

On the top floor there were loads more styles of jewellery, clothes, tops, dresses, gorgeous lingerie and other accessories. Down in the basement I found an asymmetrical cotton dress for the summer on sale and grabbed that as well. I spent roughly 20-25 minutes per floor just browsing and checking each and very last item they had to offer, even Sera was patient enough to stay and have a look for that amount of time... There was so much to see and displayed beautifully.

The prices are absolutely decent even at full price, but watch out, it does all add up if you can't contain yourself and pick and choose between all the lovely treasures you'll find here. I decided that on this trip I'd limit my purchases a little bit to allow myself something to look forward to on my next visit. I also think that with the great variety of different and very unusual items the may become my first stop when seeking out birthday presents for my friends in the future... Even just a gift card would be perfect.

& Other Stories is located on Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan and you can visit them on line at

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