Friday, 2 August 2013

August in Milan

Abandoned houses
Every street a vacant lot
The air unbreathable and choking
Scalding as a furnace
And thick as it's fumes

The children's games are long gone
Taking their voices with them
A swing hangs lonely
Its only friend the blinding, scorching, mirrored slide
reflecting the cyan sky screaming for clouds

Computer desks, their chairs still spinning
Power down from standby
Passwords will need to be reset
When it's all over
Earning forgotten

My heels sink inches into the asphalt 
A string of tar grabs on for transport
It too trying to escape
A bead of sweat has set up camp
Under my lip above my chin
No energy remains to wipe it away

My arms and legs itch and bleed
With raw open wounds
Victims to vampire, tiger, dragon bugs
Mutated beyond recognition

Stay indoors 
Move slow


Sounds apocalyptic doesn't it? No, it's just my experience with Milan in August

Every year Italians take advantage of the heat and escape the cities in the month of August for their holidays. Most go to the sea or the mountains and even most offices and businesses are closed for most of the month. August is probably the worst time to visit Italy because the cities are functioning at their very minimum and the resort areas and tourist spots are packed to the brim and very very expensive.  

Milan in particular is famous for being very, very uncomfortable in August. A lot of services are put on hold and even shops and restaurants can be closed down for weeks on end. The worst aspect of Milan in August however is the heat teetering between 35 and 45°celcius most days with high levels of humidity. It doesn't take very much time outside before that type of heat makes you feel like you want to faint.  The tar in the pavement of the sidewalks literally melts it's so hot.

I actually happen to like the empty city in August. There's no traffic and a sense of being in another reality. But then, I have air conditioning at home and am naturally hermit-like. There's even a hot line number 020202 and website where you can find out what's open provided by the city council!

For all you Milanese out there, you know what I'm talking about and I wish you a very happy 'Vacanze' season.  I'll be holding down the fort like most years and 'gasp!' staying behind this August. 

Here's my main plan for the month:
  • potty train Sera
  • frequent trips to the community pools
  • hanging out in the park (slathed with bugspray) on cooler days

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