Monday, 26 August 2013

Bindi Cafe -

the bar/cafè

I recently had the pleasure of discoving the Bindi shop/cafe in San Giuliano Milanese.

Aunt Jemima syrup, YUM!... but 9€ is too expensive!
I should import it!
You may know San Giuliano only because you've passed by the exit while on the Tangienziale on the way to somewhere interesting or because you had to stop there to pick up something from IKEA, but the area, previously entirely rural or industrial, is now having a growth-spurt and many new shops are opening up. One of them is the Bindi shop and cafe.

It's a huge space with the shop half offering cakes and frozen foods, housewares such as teapots, cake decoration tools and books, candies, gourmet applejuice and even wines!  The cafe side boasts a huge array of pastries, cakes, sweets, danish, cheesecakes, cookies, coffee and gourmet coffees as well as bagels (a rarity in Italy, and impossible to find), salads and sandwiches at lunch.

We were there for the Sunday brunch where we were presented with a huge platter of dishes, including bacon and eggs, as well as various other savry treats and followed up by the sweet table.  The price is a bit on the high side at 17€ per platter, but they are happy for you to share and there's more than enough food to do so! I ate so much I didn't even have dinner that night!

I hope you enjoy this hidden spot as much as I did. Maybe I'll see you there sometime for lunch!

the shop

Bindi is a brand of cake, coffee and deserts which can be found in supermarkets, restaurants and bars throughout Italy and the world. The cafe and shop are open daily from 6:30am to 8pm.  They are located in Via dela Liberazione 1, San Giuliano Milanese.

For more info visit their site here.

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