Monday, 19 August 2013

I'm seriously considering that now is the right time for me to invest in a robot cleaner.

When they first came out a few years back there was no-way on earth I was going to be getting one. I already have a vacuum cleaner (dyson's ball) that I love and its little cousin, the hand-held version, so in theory my floors should be relatively clean most of the time.  That is of course, theory.  People warned me not to get chocolate brown floors but I didn't listen and still think that the pros of the colour choice outweigh the cons. I love the floors, I just don't love the dust and crumbs which seem to be ever-present and calling out to me on a daily basis. Back when the robots were first released I decided to be patient and wait until competition in the field grew and the companies who make them got to a decent level of working out the bugs. It seems with this most recent generation of robots there is a bit more balance between cost and benefit.

I'd love love love it if technology had already gotten to the point where they were as cool as Rosie, the one that the Jetsons' had, but alas, they are not. Instead, I'm looking forward to. Having what clearly resembles a large hockey-puck with flashing lights roaming about the room on a daily basis while I leisurely do other things which I enjoy more than vacuuming (this includes pretty much anything you can think of) I just hope it lives up to expectations.

So what if it doesn't? Maybe we can find other uses for the robot? I can think of a few and maybe you'll help me think of some more.

-transport system for Sera's dolls or small objects
-combined with a web cam it could be a spying device
-ride for a cat, if we had one

Do you have one already? What dio you think?  I'd love to know, and as soon as I do I'll let ou know how it goes too!

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