Friday, 13 September 2013

Quick cute anything bags

I stopped by a fabric shop today after meeting up with a friend, to pick up some cotton to make a few anything bags for Sera's school. Aren't these prints adorable? The crowns are so subtle and unexpected and I love love love the heart shaped flowers.

An anything bag is essentially a draw-string laundry bag, but could really be used for anything at all! All thats required is imagination! The school asked for two of these, I'm suppose one is for clean clothes and the other for laundry to be washed. So well, their 'anything' is laundry.

They aren't finished very well, and could have been a bit neater but they are super quick and cute and the end result surely meets the intended purpose. I did manage to do a bit more cutting on Sera's memory quilt at the same time but haven't shot any photos lately so I'll wait before I give you guys an update.  It is a nice contrast, however, to be able to start and finish small projects like this one in just under an hour.


  1. Those are cute! Would be a great way to recycle pillow cases, too. :D

  2. Yes it is a great way to recycle the pillow cases. Unfortunately I don't have any cute antique ones lying around (I would have probably already turned them into sundresses for Sera anyhow.)