Monday, 9 September 2013

Yoga at home with kids

I'm lucky to be a stay at home mum and to have loads of time to spend with Sera, on the housework, crafting, cooking, blogging, filmmaking or taking care of myself. Unfortunately, sometimes these activities can't be multi-tasked.

Other times they can!

I often visit online yoga websites so that I can get in a practice when I feel to it. There are some really wonderful sites out there that even offer free lessons such as so with those and searches on youtube I'm spoilt for choice.  It's not the same as going for a lesson, but I haven't managed to work something regular into my schedule yet.

Today Sera and I shared our practice. Its a chance to teach her something special as well as take care of myself a little bit.  Look how wonderful her downward dog is!

I love that whenever she sees me pull the mat out she tells me 'I wanna do yogiees!'. It's too sweet!

PS. Isn't she rocking my retro leotard from the early 80's? She's such a fashionista!

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