Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Finished my Headspace Journey

I'm sure I've mentioned in the past my love for meditation and mindfulness.  It's really been life-changing for me and has put me in a happier place.

Today I have cause for celebration. A little over a year ago I first started meditation with an app (believe it or not) called getsomeheadspace and today I finished the series. That's 365 20 minute meditations!

I didn't manage to finish in exactly a year because I didn't manage to sit to meditate daily, but I still feel this is an amazing personal accomplishment.  Here's how my life has changed as a direct result of meditating daily this past year:

  • I am more aware of everyday moments.  For example, I have decided I don't like minty toothpaste, I just always use it because I always have.
  • I am more aware of the choices I am making while I am making them and am less attached to my convictions.  I'm more flexible.
  • I am treating my body better and making healthy choices for eating, sleeping and exercises.
  • I have managed to find total recovery from post-partum depression and post traumatic stress disorder
  • I have less emotional outbursts and feel like my emotions are not something to worry about.
  • I see life from a better perspective and don't get hung up on little things
  • I enjoy helping people more
  • I am a better mother and wife
  • I am better at letting go of what I can't control
  • I have less expectations and go with the flow more often.
It's a bit of a crazy list and makes me seem as if I was quite unbalanced before I started meditation, but I suppose in a lot of way I was. I'm 100% grateful for all of these positive changes and thrilled to have found a way to unwind and take a step back from this hectic world to just find some peace.

I'm going to be continuing on my meditation journey by revisiting some of the topics I found in Headspace as well as continuing to follow meditation challenges as they come up (there's a free one available now with Deepak Choprah) and by practicing yoga and mediation with my teacher here in Milan.  There's just too much to gain in continuing to stop now. I feel like it's a lifelong habit that will keep me younger, grounded and healthy for longer.

I wish you the same success if you decide that you'd also like to meditate. Headspace is a great place to start.  If you do let me know how it goes!


  1. Hi Jess,
    I had seen your original post, downloaded the program and well I've postponed it due to other stuff that I had to do.
    Today after seeing your post, I got "jealous" of your accomplishments (which if I manage to accomplish even half I'd be happy!) and I've decided to give it another try -- however this time around I've started right away (just to make sure that I'd at least try..).
    Thanks for keeping me in line without realizing and helping me out!! :)
    Hope to see you this week.
    Hughs and kisses to Sera in the meantime.

  2. Ana,
    I'm thrilled to hear you're starting out on your own journey. It is tough to find the time at the beginning, especially with everything going on as a mum and trying to work and be a good wife etc but if you make yourself a priority for those few minutes a day it really does pay off in every other department. If you need a meditation coach I'm your gal!