Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Favorite moments from 2013

It's time to say goodbye to 2013.  I've had such a wonderful year. Here are some of my highlights and favourite memories:

// Celebrating Sera's 2nd Birthday with friends // Thailand with mum, Sera, Eric, Jaqui, Taryn, Asher and Bailey //  Visiting Milla, Lidia and Mimmo in Grenoble // Agroturismo weekend with Mario, Lucrezia, Riccardo, Martina and Irene // Friuli with Momo, Marina and Jacopo // Grenoble 2.0 // Nonni visit // Massa // Making friends with Valentina // Surprise visit from Grandma // Cattolica with nonni // Family Ferragosto Picnic // Tuscany with Denis, Chiara, Gaia, Greta, Denise, Epi, Miki and Maria-Grazia // Nonni visit 2.0 // Zia Alessia visiting for Halloween // Milla Visiting // Setting up for Christmas // Holidays in Canada with Grandma // Visiting Max, Jack, Marty and Tam in Toronto // Christmas with the extended family in Taranto //

Have a wonderful time tonight with all the celebrating, whether it's at a party, with a few friends or just cuddled up on your own with a good book.  Goodbye 2013 and Welcome to 2014!!

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