Monday, 16 December 2013

Winter in Canada

We just got back from our holiday in Canada.

Before we went I had all these wonderful intentions about swimming everyday in my mom's pool, meditating for extended periods and building snowmen in the garden... along with continuing my blog and keeping you all up to date.

Unfortunately, destiny had other plans for me this trip and despite my fantastic form leading up to the trip, Sera and I promptly caught the flu on day three of being in Montreal. We were still ok for the first day and a half at Mont Tremblant where we took advantage of an indoor swimming pool and I had a soak in the outdoor hot tub.

Of course, soaking in a hot tub in -4°c isn't the best thing for the flu (which I still didn't know I had yet) and it then promptly turned into pneumonia.  105°f fever and chills along with a crazy cough and running nose. Aches and pains... you name it! Lucky me!  Spent a fortune at a walk-in clinic in Toronto only to be told I was super-contagious and needed anti-biotics. The doctor also said that if it was 105 the thermometer was broken... well, that's a relief!  We fled Toronto the next day for fear of getting my little nephews sick, that would be the worst! Spent more time driving there and back than actually in Ontario, but I guess even 20 minutes with family is better than nothing.

The rest of the trip in Montreal was a marathon of chicken soup, onesies pyjamas and Sherlock on Netflicks. I can't say it was all bad, cause aside from the cough and laryngitis when else would I get to spend 5 days in pyjamas straight while someone else plays with Sera and keeps her entertained?

We're back home now and preparing for our next trip.  Heading off to Puglia on Saturday to spend time with the Italian family. I hope that at least this time I'll be on my feet and be able to enjoy things a little bit.

Getting healthy is a priority and as soon as I do I promise I'll be back at blogging regularly!

Highlights from the trip:

  • playing in the snow
  • the hottub, despite its consequences
  • spending time with grandma
  • watching my nephew Max teach Sera how to make tea
  • impromptu dinner at my best friends' house
  • Tommy Hilfiger outlet shopping
  • Seeing Frozen in English in theatres
  • Watching Sera eat sticky maple syrup on snow


  1. Viaggio in puglia a Natale = cartellate come se piovesse! Io le adoro! Buone feste e speriamo di vederci una volta o l'altra

  2. Sounds like quite a trip...must have been so nice to have been home!!