Here's my personal history, for any of you who might be interested.

I was born in Montreal, Canada.  I fit into the category of 'weird kid'. I saw and heard things that weren't there. I spent a lot of time on my own and in my own mind. I had trouble believing in what other people told me and didn't do well at school. I didn't 'fit in' very well.

High-school was a playground for me. I didn't learn very much of anything, but experimented socially. I wanted to know what made other people tick. How they worked. What made them feel so different from the other social groups. I came to the conclusion that pretty much everyone is the same.

After high-school I tried to find a direction and a practical use to my 'talents'. I could draw... but a course in fine-arts didn't seem that practical to me. I started college in a course in Illustration, which I completed three years later. In the meantime I had developed the travel bug and was heading to England to meet friends I had made there as often as possible.

On my last trip to England in 1999 I had $1000, my CDs and a backpack, and never went back. I found a job by calling companies in the yellow pages and spent four years working as a graphic designer in a corporate office. My social life was wonderful, but the 9-5 job, though paying well, wasn't very fulfilling.

In 2004 I spontaneously decided to quit my job, move to Italy and go back to college to get a degree in 3D computer graphics... once again trying to find a practical and full-filling application to my talents. After another 3 year course I tried to find a job in Milan, and after trying a few things out, decided to become a nanny instead while continuing to study 3D animation online.

I got married. I started a short film and never finished it. I got pregnant. I started meditating.

My daughter was born on January 27th 2011. The four days that followed changed my life completely. I had an experience in the hospital that left me shaken, feeling vulnerable and abused.  I looked down at this newborn baby and saw that though she was living through the same experience as me she wasn't feeling like a victim, she wasn't feeling mistreated, she wasn't feeling betrayed by life and the universe.  In the same moment I realized that I wasn't yet a developed adult human, I also realized that when we come into this world we already have all the answers.

In the five years since I have been on a dedicated spiritual journey of self-realization which has taken me from teacher to teacher, book to book, vision to vision, learning experience to learning experience.

Now it's time for me to share what I have learnt with you.

I cannot really tell you what or who I am because all the labels have lost their meanings. I am not a teacher, friend, mother, daughter, sister, painter, writer, blogger, designer, artist, animator, guru, sage, wife, adviser, cook....

I am none of these labels. You are none of your labels.  I am not even the story I have written in the biography, as you are not really yours.

Who am I? Who are you? The answer is the same.
Let's get to know ourselves.

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