Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wine review Wednesday

If you're living in Italy you find that sooner or later you start to learn a bit about wine. How could you not? With the huge selection of fantastic flavours on the market here and the country being carpeted from head to toe with vineyards of grapevines growing in neat rows wine is hard to avoid. Even if you never leave the city you're in, Italians are so accustomed to wine on the table at mealtimes, and believe so strongly in its benefits to your health that you're bound to develop your own wine culture.

I'm not the expert in my home, my husband is, but I thought that this recurring feature of the blog could help in my journey to learning more, and being more mindful of the wines that we're currently drinking anyways.

That doesn't necessarily mean that we're opening 20 bottles every Wednesday, but I'll write my inexperienced view of a wine or two that I've tasted during the week.

Starting with:

Wine: Bolgheri Rosso
Producer: Michele Satta
Vintage: 2010
Zone: Tuscany

Colour: ruby red tending towards mauve
Aroma: raspberry, plum and blackberry with undertones of leather and tobacco, but still quite sweet.
Taste: really drinkable, smooth, fruity but not overly so, still a strong and fresh flavor and plesant, elegant aftertaste
Grapes: 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, 10%Syrah, 10% Teroldego

I really enjoyed this wine. It was the only bottle we opened with dinner and was right up my alley as I lean towards fruitier wines rather than fuller, more masculine flavours. It was accompanying stuffed zucchinis and artichokes as well as a dish of polenta and mushrooms and I Have to say that although it went well with the polenta and the zucchini it didn't compliment the artichokes as well. The producer suggests it with meats however and rich sauces and I have to agree that it was probably the menu that was the problem and not the wine.


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