Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mums out there. What an amazing day. What are we really celebrating? The love? The sacrifice? The dedication? All the fun we have with our mums?

I'm spending my Mother's Day on a mummy-daughter city break in Grenoble France, and after a fun packed morning with friends (and another mum) we're back in the room for a cuddly nap. Just spending today with Sera is the best Mother's Day gift I could have....

Which makes me sad I can't gift the same back to my mum in Canada.

Hey mum, wish I could be there with you and we could do a tri-generational festival! Happy Mother's Day! Sorry I couldn't make you French toast for breakfast in bed or pick wildflowers or anything for you, but know that I would have wanted to.

And to all of you other mums: congrats on having the best job in the world! Give yourselves a pat on the back today, you're awesome!

Some advice I'm trying to follow this coming year as a mum:
- Be kind to yourself first so you can teach your children kindness and how to have high self-esteem... a super important characteristic that we are born with but may lose over time.
-Your kids will grow up faster than you think... Try to be there mentally, when you're there physically, for every moment.
-dont be so hard on yourself. None of us know what we're doing! Even if someone else seems to have all the answers, there is no such thing as a professional when it comes to motherhood and you are the only one who can know your children the way you do.

Have a wonderful day with your mums and little'uns!


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