Thursday, 2 May 2013

well dressed for 30 days challenge - part 1

I'm always throwing on the same old pair of jeans in the morning and some t-shirt and rushing out the door. Then when I go shopping I see all the lovely new clothes each season and beat myself up about not wearing the stuff I already own. I wish I could be glamorous or stylish or even just relatively 'put-together' in the morning before I face the world but I always feel like it takes so much effort.

It's not that I don't have nice clothes, its just a habit I have that I don't think to wear them. I looked through my closet just to get an idea of what I'm not wearing daily and found out I have over 25 lovely dresses that I barely ever get any use out of.

So, I've taken a vow to wear those dresses this month. Rain or shine, good mood or foul, formal or casual occasions I promise that for the month of May 2013 I will make every effort to 'dress' myself each day. My jeans, trousers, t-shirts and blouses are all under lock and key and you will be my witnesses on this experiment.

Some ground rules if you want to join in with me on this adventure:

  • dresses can be work over or under other clothes.
  • any of the dresses can be worn more than once
  • dresses do not need to be worn at the gym, pool (obviously) or to bed but do need to be worn at all other times.
  • you may not look like a bag lady or crazy person (within the limits of fashion... A lot of celebrities look like crazy people to me), so accessorise and combine with other items of clothing as required.

Day 1

black twirly wrap convertible dress: Tristan, cardigan: Furla, glasses: Prada, boots: shoemaker on Via Ripamonti, necklace:Accessorize Outlet

Day 2

grey merino wool dress: Uniqlo, blacksheep sweater: Oyosho, boots: shoemaker on via Ripamonti, doll: Kewpie, necklace: H&M

Observations so far:
-changing at the gym is faster
-I've gotten 3 compliments on how I'm dressed
-wearing dresses out shopping forces you to shop for more dresses (or to take full outfits into the changing room... tops and bottoms)

Check back in with me for updates on how it's going! 

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