Thursday, 2 May 2013

my own pineapple experiment

I recently pinned a really intriguing post from ModernParentsMessyKids (a blog I LOVE by the way) about regrowing your food from food scraps.  I love how the article is set up and the tips it gives (with other info on regrowing spring onions and avocadoes), as well as the chart she's made for her daughter to 'observe the changes'. I think Sera's a bit too little still for something like that, but if your kids are a bit older it can be a super fun project to do together.

I have to admit that the only pineapple I can ever remember eating came from a jar so buying it at the supermarket wasn't easy. What kind to choose?!? All this keeping in mind that before you have food scraps you have to actually eat the food.

I wasn't really sure what to do with the fruit part when I got home. I ate some but it didn't taste at all like the kind in the jar or anything like what I was expecting. I suspect I chose a fruit that wasn't quite ripe yet. I suppose I should ahve read the article on how to choose a pineapple.

I did find a nicely illustrated article on wikihow which helped out quite a bit with the cleaning and preparing of the 'leaves' and can help you through the process as well.

It's only early days and I don't expect to see any growth yet, but I wondered if I could get some of you onboard and we could all grow our pineappe tops together? Or maybe you've experimented yourself in thepast and can give more tips?

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