Thursday, 23 May 2013

well dressed for 30 days challenge part 3 - Days 8 - 15

This is part 3 of the Well Dressed for 30 Days Challenge in which I'm forcing myself to see if I can wear all the dresses in my wardrobe that I don't normaly wear, without compromise, for 30 days. To see part one please click here.

may 9th notes:
 I'm getting tired of the challenge, but then if it were easy why would it be a challenge?  I'm off to Grenoble in France for 7 days on Saturday and packing has been difficult keeping the challenge in mind. I'm not sure if the weather there will be warm or cool and it means layering dresses and sweaters for cold days and stripping off when its warm. I'm having feelings of forboding.

Day 8

royal blue dress: rinascente

Day 9

aqua & red top: Anthropologie
white summer dress (worn under): Mango
red flats: Aldo
belt: Accessorize Outlet Shop

Day 10

chocolate and cream striped dress: 
camel coloured cardigan: 

Day 11

grey wool dress: Uniqlo
heather grey short sleeved cardigan: Stradivarius
grey flowers necklace: Mariella

Day 12

royal blue dress: rinascente (same as day 8)
black boots: Samsonite

Day 13

red wrap dress: Oyosho

Day 14

black dress: H&M
black lace cradigan: H&M

Day 15

flowers & stripes long sleeved t: Anthropologie
royal blue dress (worn under): rinascente (same as day 8)
black boots: Samsonite

Observations days8-15:

-This challenge is suprizingly hard to keep up. Every morning I've been waking with a longing to just 'put on whatever' and then I've remembered the challenge and have really had to think about what I'm going to wear. The initial fun has worn off and now it really is a challenge not to repeat looks.

-I was away for a week during the challenge and therefore have some really ugly photos like on day 12 and 14 to show for it. The great thing about taking the challenge on holiday way that packing was a snap... I had 4 dresses I could rotate with accessories.  However, it was also tough when suddenly the temperature dropped in France in the last few days and I was left without appropriate leg coverings.

-Dresses are more comfortable when you don't have to wear anything under them. This is an official decision of mine. Dresses are great for the summer, but when you have to start layering them they can be a pain.

-I kind of feel like a fool that I've gotten myself into this!

-I miss jeans

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