Monday, 17 June 2013

No-poo week two

Christie Brinkly in an early Prell Shampoo ad
So in the past few weeks I've been following a no-poo (that's shampoo, just to make sure we're clear) regime in the hopes of having longer, healthier hair and to use less chemicals in general. Read about how I got started here.

I've done three washes with the baking soda solution followed by three apple cider vinegar rinses so far and haven't officially used shampoo or conditioner in my hair for over 15 days. My observations so far are only positive... My hair seems thicker, dries quicker, is less greasy and holds a style even in the humidity of Milan. Since I've been trying to limit my cleansing to once ever five days or so I have noticed that around day four I'm really wanting to go with a simple ponytail or up-do cause my hairs getting a bit scuzzy around the roots but that's nothing new for my hair and when I was using shampoo I had that sensation every three days instead. My hair feels lighter... Somehow it feels more like hair? Does that make sense cause its possible I'm attributing some sort of metaphysical properties to the experience that's not actually there!

I'm also thrilled that one of my best friends has jumped on board and is also trying the no-poo method. I spoke with her last night and she says she's delighted so far with the results. She had hair all the way down her back, much thicker than mine, and if she's happy too we must be doing something right.

So is shampoo a conspiracy? I did a bit of research into the origins of shampoo and was shocked to find out that washing your hair daily was only made popular in the 1970's. Who by you ask? Advertisers of course (with the help of some familiar models as spokeswomen). I was also concerned to find that a principle, synthetic ingredient in many shampoos has been shown to destroy immature and developing cells in lab tests. Though food and drug administrations globally have stated that the quantities found in commercially available shampoos should do no harm, I'm less convinced. What does this mean for pregnant and nursing women passing this chemical onto their children? When you believe that you need something you'll spend loads of money on it, poison yourself for it and change your daily habits to maintain fulfilment of that need. But is shampoo something we really need to be doing?

So in this newest time of simplifying our lives, cutting our budgets and limiting our use of chemicals, not only for our own health, but for the environment that we all share, no-poo is starting to make sense on more levels than just an aesthetic one!

I'm going to keep on trying to teach my hair some new body language, but not the one mentioned in the ad.

Oh, and if like my friend, my post inspires you in some way to make some positive changes please leave me some comments!

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