Thursday, 20 June 2013

tissue paper flowers

My favourite flowers are poppies. As soon as the warm season arrives here in Milan even the ugliest most industrial roads get an amazing pop (poppies? Pop?) of colour as the edges of the road, untamed and unkempt burst to life with tall grasses and gorgeous red poppies.

A few years back I went for a walk and picked a few on my way home only to discover, to my sad dismay, that by the time I got them home they were wilted and gone. It seems that this flower can only thrive under its own terms, unconfined, unchained, uncultured and wild. Another reason to love them!

So until I'm blessed with a garden of my own, and a patch to dedicate to a wild garden, I'm afraid I won't be able to decorate my home with the lovely things.... I guess it also means more drives down industrial and country roads.

I cant decorate with the real thing, but then I came across this tutorial for tissue paper flowers... Specifically poppies and knew I had to try it right away. Unfortunately I didn't have red or black tissue paper on hand but I did knock up see three lovelies to help decorate a birthday gift. Oh boy they're fun to make and look at... As soon as I have the red and black I'm going to make myself a bedside bouquet! In the meantime, the lovely little flowers can be made into magnets as in the tutorial, decorations for wrapping gifts, or even hair accessories... Though I doubt they'd last too long, being made of paper.

Why don't you make up a few?

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