Friday, 30 August 2013


This is the first in a series of posts about artists and people that I admire that I've found during my long rambling strolls through the world wide web.  Please be on the lookout for other THEWONDERFUL posts.

one in a series of amazing fox dolls
I'd like to introduce you to THEWONDERFUL Mimi Kirchner, art-doll maker, collector of scraps and creative inspiration.

I can't remember when I first stumbled on one of Mimi Kirchner's creations. It could have been when I was doing research for either Mimmi (Sera's Waldorf style doll.  Not the same Mimi of this post, but maybe that's where I subconsciously stole the name) or Princess Penelope, but in any case I began to follow her blog immediately and haven't been able to get enough since.  I'm thrilled that she's allowed me to share some images and info about her and her work with you.
An image of Mimi from her about page.... look at those handsome strongmen!

Mimi's work is super stylised and anything but your ordinary collection of dolls. She is focused on out of the ordinary subjects for her dolls such as tattooed strongmen, fish, foxes and more. You can see (and purchase! Hooray!) a selection of her recent creations in her Etsy shop online.  A tattooed lumberjack would make a wonderful, and unexpected gift for any rugged art-doll collector.

tattooes lumberjack available for purchase via etsy.

pattern available for free!
The thing I love about her work the most is how her sense of humour and individuality comes through in her characters. Each and every work I've had the pleasure of seeing from her is unique and full of whimsy and joy. Through her work you can really see that she has committed herself to fulfilling her unique and very special role in this world. She's truly an inspiration and I also hope to find whatever it is that I am uniquely gifted at one day.

If you're interested in experimenting with your own creativity through Mimi's unique style of doll making you can follow a full tutorial for free here on Purlbee with a printable pattern!  Thank you so much Mimi for generously allowing us to have a little bit of your magic at our fingertips as well!  If I ever get around to getting back to doll making this tutorial is first on my to-do list!

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