Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hangar Bicocca - A Cultural Day Out In Milan

La Sequenza
On Saturday the family and I had a chance to go to the Bicocca Hanger to see some contemporary art.  I'd never been and have been trying to find some time to go for a while now so it was all very exciting.

Upon arriving you're greeted by Fausto Melotti's La Sequenza, an impressive sculpture which acts as a beautiful entryway to this hangar converted into art space.

The Visitors - photo courtesy of www.hangarbicocca.org
The exhibit they have currently running in the first hall is called The Visitors by Ragnar Kjartansson.  My first impression was very mixed when I walked past the black curtains and into the artwork.  The nine lifesize video projections of musicians playing a composition together but each completely isolated from the other seemed very very intimate to me. The music was melancholic and the setting of each musician equally full of dispair.  The entire work last over an hour and unfortunately, Sera didn't take very well to the dark room and the projections, so I couldn't stay too long, but I think I'll return and soak up the entire experience. This exhibition runs until November 17th.

The Seven Heavenly Palaces
Another of the permanent exhibitions can be found inside by passing through the first hall to the back of the hangar. Anselm Kiefer's The Seven Heavenly Palaces is a huge installation of reinforced concrete towers ranging from 14 to 18 meters each. As soon as you enter the vast hall you are stunned into silence. It is bleak, desolate and very very impressive.  Sera refused to climb down from her stroller. It was probably a good thing as some of the towers don't look very stable at all! I suppose she felt the sensations that the artist was transmitting as well.

We rounded off the morning by playing in the Hangar's kids centre which boasts a large collection of art supplies, art books and organised activities for kids over four and then ate a lovely and delicious brunch at the Dopolavoro Bicocca. The plates are ordered a-la-carte but juice and american coffee are included. It's a lovely setting for lunch.

Overal a wonderful day out and we will certainly return for future exhibitions (and I'll sneak back to see the Visitors.

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