Wednesday, 25 September 2013

No-Poo and my other Baking Soda beauty Uses

Some of you might already have read my posts about no-(sham)poo which is an all natural way to clean your hair that I've been adhering to since June. The basic idea is to use baking soda instead of shampoo and apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner and to leave those icky chemicals in store-bought shampoos out of your hair, skin and shower. My hair is longer now than it ever has bee and thicker as well, so I'm sticking to my decision and saving a bundle in the process. I estimate that I'm saving roughly 15 euros a month by switching over to my new natural regime. Since I've recently started cooking with coconut oil I'm also going to try that in my hair as an intensive conditioning treatment soon and will let you know how it goes.

But enough about hair! I've become obsessed with baking soda! I've been adding it here and there to my beauty routine and have come to find that I use it everywhere!

Baking soda deep facial exfoliating (once-twice a week)

--replaces my Clinique 7 day scrub--
Wash your face as usual making sure to remove all makeup. In the palm of your hand combine some baking soda with a bit of water to make a thin paste. Rub this mixture all over your face and neck and then rub some more, adding water to rinse until there is no residue. There won't be any dull, dry skin left either and you will have a smooth and bright complexion. Moisturise as usual.

Baking Soda facial toner

--replaces my Clinique toner--
In a small spray bottle combine a teaspoon of baking soda and water and mist over face. Let dry. Moisturise as usual. (make sure to close your eyes!)

Baking Soda body exfoliation

--replaces my Sephora body scrubs--
Take a small container with 3 tablespoons of dry baking soda into the shower with you, careful not to get it wet. Rinse your entire body using your usual shower gel or soap if desired. Take a bit of dry baking soda into the palm of your hand and rub it on your wet skin working from the top to the bottom paying special attention to dry patches. Rinse completely off. 

This exfoliation is especially effective if you are planning to shave your legs. Use it before shaving and your legs will come out silky smooth.

Try out some of these uses and let me know how it goes! I know that I'm thrilled with the results and am so happy to be protecting the environment, my wallet and myself!

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  1. You inspired me to go no-poo too! And I'm very happy with it. I've only run into one problem. I have a streak in my hair that I need to get re-dyed every 2-3 months, and the last time I went in, they refused to not shampoo my hair before dying it! I wasn't in the mood to tell them about my new routine cause honestly did not want the lecture (that you KNOW they would have given me), and so just gave in. And it did seem like I undid the weeks of no-poo effects and kind of had to start over - though it seemed to go back to normal after a few days of going back to no-poo. In anticipation of the next dye job (because i refuse to give up my streak!), I am wondering what to do. Do you think it's ok to shampoo your hair with commercial stuff every few months or do you think I'm totally messing with my hair? Plus, I've been contemplating going au naturel to cleanse my face too. Have you come across any good tips for that, bearing in mind our residence in Italy and access to different products than in North America?

    1. Hi Michelle, I'm so happy you've decided to no-poo too! I think the best thing to do the next time you dye your hair would beo bring a product of your choosing with you. Then ask them to shampoo you with that instead of their own brand. You can claim you have allergies if they put up a fuss.

      I have found a shampoo here in Italy that would be suitable called Phytoneutre Shampooing Crème and use it myself every 4 to 6 weeks to just get the Milan smog out of my hair. It doesnt' interfere with the no-poo regimen because it has no silicones or other crazy ingredients. Here is the product on the company's website: The bottle is only 100ml, but since I use it so rarely and when I do I only wash the scalp with a pea sized amount it's been lasting ages! I've seen it online for arou d 10euros and am pretty sure you can find it in a pharmacy. If that shampoo isn't to your liking you may be able to research another natural product that you prefer. There are loads on the market which won't add residues to your hair and in the end that's what no-poo is all about!

      Letting the salon use their super-siliconed industrial strength shampoos would bring you back to square one every 2-3 months. I don't think that it would mess with your hair too much, but you might have an oily few days before the no-poo kicked back in.

      Keep me updated on what you decide!!

    2. Wow, thanks Jessicka, that's really helpful - I will totally do that!