Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cone Girl Cuteness!

I'm in love-love-love with these free printable cone-girl dolls that I found over at Mr.Printables.  Not only are they adorable but they're much more manageable for Sera's little hands than traditional paper dolls with tabs and they're 3D! What could be more fun?

Since I've printed them out Sera is OBSESSED with these. She does crumple them up every now and then out of sheer excitement, but then she brings them over to me and in a sweet voice says 'Mommy, I crumples her.. can you fix it?' and of course I do. She wanted to take them with her for a nap and we did have a few tears because I told her she couldn't and they would get ruined.  As soon as she woke up she asked me were they were. She says they're her favourite! For the cost of the ink and a few pieces of paper I think that it's quite a bargain to have a new favourite toy! I was also thinking that by simply laminating the cut-outs before assembling them you'd also have something that lasts a bit longer -less damage can be done during inadvertant crumples. I suppose that'll have to be for the next batch.  If you act quickly you can also print out the adorable halloween costumes for the girls in time for the festivities next week.

The Mr. Printables site is amazing because they also provide wonderful free printable paper toys, decorations, crafts and learning tools with beautiful graphic design.  Head on over to the site for access to all the printables or to the connecting blog where you can see loads of wonderful projects they're up to.  I love these robot emotions flashcards.  I find it adorable that robots, who normally don't express emotions are being used to teach kids about feelings. Clever and cute. Hooray for Mr. Printables!

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