Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dear Santa - Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

I get excited about the holiday season. More so ever since we had Sera.

We celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas in our house and while that means a lot fo traditional and religious storytelling and customs it also means a lot of pretty wrapped up parcels, and even more excitingly for me, choosing them.

Since Sera can't write yet I asked her to assemble some stickers on a page of what she hopes for this holiday season. As you can see there's a huge concentration of fairies, princesses and dollies.  Please keep in mind that I have never forced female-stereotypical toys on her and these are her choices.  Some girls really are girly-girls by nature and the key is to follow the lead of your kids.  We asked for a train set last year but she barely touches it.

Today I present you a shortlist of toys that may be suitable regarding Sera's list.  Maybe it will act as inspiration for your own gifts for your toddler.  I'm pretty sure that Sera isn't going to have all of these in her toy box come January, but a lot of them even I can't resist!

Luckily, all the gifts on this list are under €30 too!
#1) Sylvanian Families Dressing Up What could be better than a fairy princess and a pirate dog?
#2) Animator's Series Ariel Doll  she's just so adorable and has real feet under that tail.

#3) Kawaii Crush BFF Gift Pack Kawaii means cute in Japanese and these small toys couldn't be cuter!

#4) Singing Microphone we don't normally go for electronic toys, but this one was a hit at a recent playdate.
#5) to celebrate our Jewish heritage a wooden hannukah set from kidcraft
#6) Elf on The Shelf - completely unknown in Italy and really quite cute and fun!
#7) Though in a slightly higher age (4-9) range, I'm loving GoldieBlox which help girls develop a passion for engineering

Has my list inspired you? What do you plan to get for your kids this year? What do you think of girl-oriented toys as opposed to genderless ones? How is your holiday preparation going? Is your calendar already filled with parties and celebrations?

Can you tell I'd love to hear your comments?

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