Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Halloween isn't really a big deal here in Italy, though it is starting to catch on. Pretty much every year since I've been here I've been dressing up and hosting parties for the occasion just to be disappointed with the turnout and the costumes (or lack thereof).  The excuse I hear over and over is that Halloween isn't an Italian holiday.  Of course I know that, but doesn't having fun cross over borders?

This year I'm happy to say we had a fabulous Halloween. I was dressed as a movie star in (faux) furs, a slinky black dress and a glamorous turban.  It's so much fun to get really dressed up once in a while. I got a lot of criticism because my costume wasn't scary enough, but I honestly think that real people are much scarier than gouls and goblins could ever be!

Sera was the tooth fairy.  Well, she was actually just a normal fairy but she kept telling everyone she was the tooth fairy and giving a huge smile.  Since her Grandpa was a dentist I see that as a good sign.  Her costume was store bought as I was busy with other things this year and didn't have a chance to be super-creative and mine was put together from things I already had in the house.

We started the 'evening' at 4pm with a kiddie Halloween-birthday party where Sera filled her tummy with cheese puffs and danced and screamed along with the other kids.  Then there was a modified and rushed trick-or-treating in the cortile of our neighbourhood followed by a Halloween dinner with her aunts and uncles.  After that we head over to the Halloween Party hosted by THEWONDERFUL architect and artist Duilio Forte at his home/atelier/workshop where he was hosting several theatre/musical performances for the night. After some exploring, a lot of dancing, socialising and running around at around 11pm the toothfairy went off to the land of nod.

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