Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hitting Goals in January

Well, January is underway and despite having Sera at home with me until she's back at school on the 7th I've managed to cut new squares for her memory quilt and sew up the blocked ones that I cut last year.

You might recognise the fabric with the balloons from this skirt alteration I did in May. Well it's now on its third life being reused again in the quilt. Reusing fabrics has brought me more joy than I ever thought it could!

Other things I'd love to tackle January:

  • plan Sera's 3rd birthday party; decide when, where, who and a budget!
  • master grocery list planning in order to be able to do one on line order a week and avoid the chaos that is the local super market.
  • de-clutter and donate clothes from my closet. No one needs 7 black tee-shirts!
  • pack away tree and ornaments before it gets to be silly.
  • drop off de-cluttering junk at the mercatino so that maybe it can get reused by someone who wants it
  • assign new shots to animators on Hick! and work through the last tweaks on the rigs.
  • catch up with some friends I haven't seen for a while
  • create my Project Life spreads for November and December 2013 as well as the archived ones since January 2013.
  • go get my documents of Italian citizenship at the Questura
  • catch up on some medical tests and checkups

What have you got on your list of to-dos for January? How do you organise your time and goals? I've tried every software and app on the market and find that a pen and paper and a simple calendar works best for me... Speaking of to-dos and calendars, I must hang out new one for 2014!

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