Sunday, 5 January 2014

Summing up Sunday: 2014 - Week 1

This week has been a whirlwind and has gone by in a quick blur.

New years was a last minute thing on our part because initially we were supposed to have a few friends here, but one thing led to another and no one could come! :-(  Instead we went to our friends' Linda and Claudio's house to celebrate with their friends and family as well as to meet their new baby son Giorgio. He is sooooo super cute!

I dedicated the first few days of the year to caching up on Sera's memory quilt and even started sewing some pieces together.  It's really much more satisfying than just cutting up all that baby clothes is.

I've also been on an organising/purging/cleaning kick and managed to tackle the compactum where we keep all our outerwear, our laundry 'room' (it's really a closet in the kitchen/den), my 'home office' (the closet upstairs) and Sera's toy kitchen.  Feels good to accomplish things.

YesterdayI made some doll clothes for Sera's Barbies (tutorial to come!) and then we went to Piacenza for lunch with Mauro and Carlotta.  Really a lot of good fun and good food!

A few photos from the week:

  • sparkly glitter New-Year's nails
  • first brekkie of the year: pomegranate, banana & clementines
  • Sera learnt to draw 'Humpty Dumpties'
  • lots of work on a memory quilt
  • all dressed up for New-Year's party
  • our newest friend Giorgio
  • Sera slumber party
  • playdate @ IKEA with Lele
  • baby bloomers to Barbie clothes (tutorial post coming up this week!)

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