Monday, 6 January 2014

Baby Bloomers to Barbie Clothes

Doesn't Midge look awsome? Black gingham really, really, suits her. Here she is with a versitile little item that can act as a headband and top, bubble skirt or even a sweet, warm weather mini dress. Wow!

Would you believe that I knocked this outfit out in 1/2 hour, and that you can too? All it takes is some basic sewing machine skills and an old pair of baby bloomers.  Sera doesn't fit into them anymore so why not recycle right?

Scroll down to below the images to get the full tutorial.

Step 1: Cut up the bloomers at the seams. There should be two on the hips and one underneath.  You should now have two underwear shaped pieces of material.

Step 2: Cut along the elastics at the waist and leg bands and keep these aside. You'll have two thick waist elastics, 2 skinny front leg elastics and 2 skinny back legs elastics.

Step 3: Take the front part of the bloomers (the smaller one) and cut out a 4"x8" (or roughly 10cm x 20cm) rectangle (top photo). I make sure to iron things flat before cutting them and use a rotary cutter, ruler and mat for my straight cuts but you can also use a fabrics scissors (second photo).

Step 4: Take one of the (only slightly) longer  of the skinny elastics and pin it along the long edge of the rectangle you just cut with the finished edge facing down and right sides together.  Make sure to stretch the elastic as you go.

Step 5: Pass the long edge through your sewing machine, making sure to stretch the elastic out as you go.

Step 6: Repeat for the other long edge. You should have something like what Midge is holding in photo number 3.

Step 7:  Put the garment loosely around your Barbie's torso and pin the back side to get an idea of the finished size.   I put it on the right way, pinned, removed it (make sure you can get it over her hips) and then pinned the right sides together in the same place as with the wrong sides together.

Step 8: Sew the back seam with right sides together and trim excess.

The little headband is simply one of the leg elastics sewn into a loop. It's a great little accessory and doubles as a belt when Midge wants to wear the garment in the mini dress version!

VoilĂ !

Make sure to leave me a comment if you like this tutorial and want to see more! I feel super creative this week and am planning on taking requests!


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