Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Deciding not to write 52 lists.

I had a really great post lined up and ready for you to read today.  It was going to be about Moorea Seal's 52 lists project.

The idea was, I was going to post every Tuesday with a list prompted by Morrea's weekly lists and you were going to read all kinds of things... my favourite albums, childhood and current dream jobs, summer goals and more.  I even had the post scheduled to publish automatically for today at 1pm, but last night, in a feverish dream, I realised that the post just wouldn't be right for this blog. I woke up, unscheduled the post and fretted about ever having anything more to say.

Here are a few of the reasons I un-posted:

1. I don't really believe that I'm interesting enough on a personal level that anyone out there cares what my favourite bands are or what recipes I'd like to try in the next year. I know that it seems like I find myself interesting (otherwise why do I have a blog right?) but the truth is I think that the things I do might be interesting and people might want to know about them, but not too much about me.  Heck, I'm barely interested in myself most of the time!

2. This blog shouldn't really be about my personal stuff. Of course personal stuff slips in here and there, it can't not, but mostly the blog is forming itself into something wholly its own. I'm constantly surprised at how it's shaping up and forming itself and enjoying the process.

3. Though the idea of the 52 lists is wonderful and I suggest anyone out there with a passion for record keeping go over to Moorea's site and follow along, it's more of something that if I did I would do alongside my Project Life album or separately for private use.

4. I don't know if I can commit to anything else at the moment!! From the moment I hit publish yesterday I felt like I was making a promise to you all to keep up with something new for the next 52 weeks! If I even manage to get each of those posts down to 15 minutes at a time then that's still 13 hours of blogging that could either be used this year for better content, or for projects that I'm more interested in; like Hick! for example.

So sorry to any of you out there who this week were dying to know my favourite words! I'm afraid they're going to have to remain a mystery for the moment while I come up with something equally, if not more appealing for you to read!

BTW- I just dicovered THEWONDERFUL Moorea and love her site/blog! Make sure to check it out!


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