Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Understanding how to Go with the Flow

Yoga lessons started anew last night with a very satisfying hour and a half with Aldegonda. We tried a lot of new poses and I really enjoyed quite a few of them, especially those that stretched out my pretty compressed, rounded spine. I woke up this morning feeling a lot more bendy and with less upper back pain.

I've been thinking a lot about the nature of the self and soul. In yoga, from what I understand, prana is air, but also the universal energy that flows through everything and can get blocked and stuck in some ways. (I'd love it if you'd correct me if I'm wrong!) Yoga helps to unblock those channels and allow you to experience that energy more fully.

I have also recently read 'Power, Freedom and Grace' by Deepak Chopra and in it he also talks a lot about the energy of the universe. In fact, he goes so far as to claim that we ARE the universe and even more confusingly that our minds and bodies are creations of our soul. He says that as soon as you can get your ego out of the way you will naturally draw positivity towards you, your life's work will flow from you as easily as the water down a river, choosing the easiest path and all your desires will be realised.

I think I need to re-read the book again at a later date to completely understand what I want to take away from it. Surely I want my life's work to have no obstacles in its realisation but when I think that the greatest obstacle to my work is in fact my own personality, it's hard to get my head around. How do. I remove myself (or my current perception of myself) from the work? I do know this particular problem to be true however. I know for a fact that if it weren't for my fear, insecurity and hesitation my short film would have been finished ages ago.

What I did enjoy and I do see about all these ideas is the idea of flow. You cannot let any form of energy flow by holding onto it. It only disturbes he natural predestined path of least resistance. Can you direct energy? Sure, can you harness it? Sure, but you cannot keep it. You need to let it go.

I write this from my bed cause though I'm more bendy this morning my own energy is telling me it's best not to push. Fabri was lovely and took Sera to school so I could feel a bit better and recharge before picking her up after lunch.  I normally get really down about my low days, but today I just feel lucky that I have been so creative in this past week, that I have a wonderful family and that I can enjoy the bit of rest these few hours will give me.  I will be grateful as well when my energy does return and I can continue onto other things I've been wanting to do.

I guess that's what they mean by 'going with the flow'. I smile when I think of how many years I have either been trying to swim upstream or catch the river in a series of inadequate buckets.

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