Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sneak Peek at Hick!

I talk so seldomly about my animated film. I've been working on it for nearing 5 years now (it started in 2009) and yet the people who know me have very little ideaas to what it's all about.  Tisweek I'm getting back to it after the long holiday lull.

The project is carried out online. I'm the director, screen writer and producer of the film while artists around the world contribute their skills and animate, provide technical work or design skills. Really, the film wouldn't be anything without them.

I thought the best way to let you blog readers into my little animation world was to show you the current state of the animatic... I never do this. Friends and family have rarely seen the work in progress and it's actually quite scary making it public now. I don't know why I'm so protective about this project. It's probably because I'm insecure about it and care about it very much. I don't have the same issues when it comes to any of my crafting creations, but I bet I'd be equally sensitive about any paintings I did, if I ever started painting again.

Let me just explain that an animatic is a little movie with the film from start to finish with each of the shots at the exact state of development they're currently in in any given point in time. Some of these scenes are nearing completion and some need to be started. Some need to be completely re-done and some can be scary or confusing. Let me assure you that the film will be very different from this version when finished. If it's ever finished.

On a side note I had a dream last night that there were no computers left in the world that were able to render the film because the technology had become obsolete. It's becoming a very real possibility but I'm trying tnot to think about it until I get there. Aren't we supposed to try to live in the moment?

This is a scary moment for me, but here goes...  May I present to you the current state of my cimatographic brain-child: Hick! 

Wow. I hope you liked it and aren't too put-off by the unfinished quality of it. I hope you'll all get to see the final version soon.  Thanks for watching and I hope that you leave comments! Good or bad! I can take it!


PS, if you'd like to work with me on Hick! you can head over to and sign up! I'm always looking for more talented help on the project!
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  1. Keep plugging away at it. I will show this to Austin tonight, he has to do a piece of work at school this week on 'what will you be when you grow up'. He is still adamant he will be an animator when he grows up. We had to have a talk for one of his homework assignments to help him get his ideas straight and whats involved in his chosen career path, I used you as an example ;)

    1. I'm so excited that Austin still wants to be an animator. Chances are that's what he will be! It's a very exciting career field and new films are coming out every day with some wonderful work in them. I'm so glad I can be an example! It motivates me to continue as well!