Friday, 1 November 2013

Loving ProjectLife

A layout from July 2013

A few months back I got started up with ProjectLife, a form of easy scrap booking, photo and memory archiving and I thought I'd give you the update. Firstly, I love, love, love that I'm finally printing out and getting hard copies of Sera as she's growing up. She's so beautiful and amazing that it's really a shame that most of her pictures are digital. With ProjectLife all that has changed!

Here's how I approach the job:

  • Towards the end of each month I download all the photos taken in that month from our various cameras and devices onto the computer and put them in a folder for the month. Named, for example 13_10_October. I put the year and month in number format first so that when all my folders are lined up in their parent folder they're in order. I make sure to name the single digit months with two numbers as well. 02=February
  • I then go through that folder choosing my favourite photos and place them in a new folder for printing, cropping and resizing and digital embellishing as necessary.
  • Every month on the 27th we take a family photo in a photobooth around town. It's a tradition we've had since Sera was born. I make sure to scan this photo and re size it to 4x6inches so it will fit in a vertical ProjectLife photo sleeve.
  • I also go back to older photos and make sure to cover at least one or two 'archive' months. These are the months before I started ProjectLife. The ones we never printed any photos from... they span back to the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of my marriage!)
  • I order the photos on line for printing and wait.
  • When the photos arrive I check them against the 'toprint' photos to remind myself which months they belong to and I start my layouts.  I fill the photo pages with the photos and put in journalling cards int he spaces that are left over. Then I write my memories about those months on the cards.
  • If I feel that a layout needs more photos I go back to my folder from that month and set up a photo for printing in the next batch.

A layout from May 2013

I am loving how the project is coming along and love the journalling cards and what they add to the design of the layouts. It's really a fun project and it will be a treasure for our family for years to come.  At the moment I'm only doing a few pages per month but i can really see how someone could become obsessed and start documenting EVERYTHING!

I totally recommend this kind of scrap booking for a digital time.

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