Friday, 15 November 2013

More Crafting Fun - Fabric Scrap Paper Dolls

Everyone knows I love paper dolls and fabric scraps but I never thought to put them together for a fun indoor activity for Sera. 

If you liked my post about Mr. Printables Cone Girl Paper Dolls then you'll love these ideas by Carrie at This Mamma Makes Stuff and Sarah at The Small Ornament.  They've offered free printables of basic cute dolls that you can print out at home and dress up in any way with just bits of scraps and glue!

I haven't actually gone ahead and printed out the template as I found it just quicker to sketch up a few doll bodies of my own on card stock and get to it.

All you need to set up your own activity is some card stock or heavy paper, a glue stick and cloth scraps of any sort.  Ribbons, beads and glitter, though more fiddly are great additions to the fun too!

This is a PERFECT project to keep Sera busy with while I continue to cut blocks for Sera's baby clothes memory quilt which has been sitting on the back burner for the last little while. Every time I get a new scrap Sera ends up with a new belt, headband, skirt or bow.... It's win-win!

We did this activity yesterday afternoon and it kept her busy and quiet for over two hours!  At a certain point she realised that she could take the 'clothes' off and start again once it dried and she had lots of fun 'trying on' different outfits.  She even made me call daddy to tell him we were playing the dressing up game. In the end I actually had to physically drag her away for bath time!
Some of my favorite completed dolls

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